Actions to be taken to achieve a sustainable civilization

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Various organizations dedicated to influencing the here and now in one way or another already exist, and have for some time. Progress on some fronts has not brought us significantly closer to achieving a sustainable civilization and it seems that threats such as global warming, extinction of species and consumption of resources close in on us while we are not able to change our ways significantly despite ample warning. That may have to do with a lack of clear and attractive alternatives.

If you want to act, be sure to know where you want to go. This site is about where to go and why. Contributing to, however, should not excuse from worthy actions, even before truly sustainable solutions are found. Actions that provide for more time to find sustainable solutions are certainly worthwhile. That would seem to include

  • Reducing consumption of resources
  • Adopting the Designers Accord
  • Designing and using "cradle to cradle" (if truly cradle to cradle, that would seem a sustainable practice, not just buying more time)
  • Leaving natural resources such as coal, oil, and gas in the ground
  • Reducing the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere to below 350ppm
  • Making renewable energies cheaper than coal
  • Maintaining natural diversity
  • Making people healthier and happier, especially the poorest
  • Thinking about humans with a comprehensive and global perspective rather than a regional or group focus
  • Incorporating the rights of future generations into our decision making
  • Increasing the knowledge of human nature (such as that our brains easily categorize people into groups and think with the same brain cells about ourselves and people in our own group and with different cells about people in other groups)
  • Learning from history and science how dangerous (and easy) it is employ group feelings and discriminate on the basis of group membership
  • Defusing conflicts and fostering peace, e.g., by creating a better understanding between individuals from different groups (e.g., cultures, convictions, languages, nations, organizations, sexes, maybe even soccer club fans...)
  • ...

Many organizations, governmental, commercial or not-for-profit, work on these issues.

Milliongenerations started in the hope that viable visions or inspiring ideas will emerge and that we may hope for beneficial feedback to current affairs. Until, however, someone can come up with clear, convincing and attractive alternatives, the focus of should firmly remain in the long term, no matter how (or if) we believe it can or should be reached. One should be rather cautious about lobbying for actions. Attractive solutions should sell themselves. Meanwhile, other worthy organizations are better equipped to lobby the public or institutions for improvements. should help by trying to find conditions of truly sustainable civilizations. The focus on the steady state and the value of future generations may help many different efforts by providing a frame of reference and should help towards achieving a sustainable civilization. Thinking about it does not need to prevent work for other worthy causes. This site, however, should remain true to its purpose.