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What is about?

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What is the purpose of

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What is behind Who runs this site?

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How do I use this site?

To read, you can search for a particular term in the box on the left and you can follow a link to display another page.

You follow a link by clicking on the highlighted (colored) parts in the text. Links colored red do not yet exist, you can add these pages. Most links are internal i.e., also on the website. Some links refer to external pages, following them will bring you to a different site i.e., you will leave the website. The back button of your browser (left arrow) will bring you back to the previous page, whether inside or outside of the site. Anyone can edit almost all of these pages, they could be vandalized and following a link could bring you to a site you didn't expect.

You can check the previous versions of a page by clicking on the history tab on the top of the page. You can restore a previous version, which is helpful if you find a page that has been vandalized.


Anyone can edit almost all of the pages on A few are protected and can only be edited by the system operators (designated by the foundation) or only by registered users.

Before contributing your thoughts on, please make sure you accept the purpose and assumption of and are willing to follow the rules and agree to make your contributions available for editing and redistribution. If you disagree with any of these, you could contribute to a discussion (e.g., to change the rules, but please accept the current ones). You could also start a different site. But please don't contribute here if you don't agree. Thank you.

Check out the questions to see the questions that have been put forward so far or add questions. Follow the links there to the discussions of the questions. Add your contributions by clicking on the edit tab on top of the page. If you log in, you avoid that your IP address is recorded. For the log-in you need to create an account, which is easy and quick and you can use an pseudonym.

Writing and editing contributions

This site currently uses the MediaWiki environment that is also used by Wikipedia (thanks!). The help page of wikipedia provides a lot of information useful to this site as well, but Wikipedia is much bigger and more refined. The way to contribute and edit is essentially the same as the basic functions in Wikipedia, and the Help page on editing Wikipedia therefore is a great help for this site, too.

In a nutshell, you can just type text in the editing frame that displays when you press the edit tab. Buttons above the editing window help you with formatting and adding links. When you're done, please add a summary, press "Show preview" and check whether your changes are what you wanted. If it is, press "Save page" to make it available to the world, otherwise re-edit until you are comfortable to save. If you want to abandon your changes, just leave the page e.g., by following a link elsewhere, pressing the back button or closing the browser.

Hope this helps. Thank you for your contributions!