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Policy for revertion of entry, deletions of pages and blocking of users

milliongenerations Wiki System operators should serve to maintain the Purpose of, to enable the contributions impartially and ensure the focus on the site. hopes to encourage thinking, debate and discussion. Disagreement and inconsistency are a part of that. What is relevant and what outside the focus is often blurry. Under no circumstances should there be cencorship by system operators as to opinions on subjects relating to If in doubt and where possible a case should be discussed. It will not always be possible to identify nor to correct all entries that do not relate to such topics nor serve the purposes of or increase the chance of existence of future generations or future life or are spam, copyright violations or against the law. hopes to maintain the focus of the discussion and entries true to the aim and in line with its values. System operators should exercise their rights where necessary to this end. Entries should be reverted and deleted if they

  • clearly have a different purpose or topic than that of
  • spam links to external sites
  • are otherwise vandalized or
  • are identified as copyright violations and/or as against the law in The Netherlands.

Where possible such entries should be made unaccessible, pages containing nothing else than such entries should be deleted, if they contain little else, they might be deleted and

Users or IP addresses responsible for entries that need to be deleted for the above reason should be blocked for six months, and indefinitely after a repeat offence.

In all, system operators, like the rest of us, should strive to be good ancestors. Unlike the rest of us, they should remain impartial in the debate.