Bill of Rights of Future Generations

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What rights do we give to future generations?

Previous efforts on this subject include:

  • " Every person has the right to inherit an uncontaminated planet on which all forms of life may flourish. "
Captain Jacques Cousteau in the early 1990's launched a campaign for a formal resolution to inscribe this first Article of this Bill of Rights in international law. It is carried on by the Custeau Society and in 2001 the motion was deliverd to the Secretary General of the United Nations.

Let's come up with a text that inspires us and our own generation to take the rights of future generations as seriously as we take our own rights. Please comment on the discussion page or improve the efforts below.

  1. Future generations have a right to exist.
  2. Future generations have a right to exist on this planet for as long as the sun shines.
  3. Future generations have a right to benefit from knowledge of previous generations.
  4. ...