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milliongenerations' offline meetings

13 Mar 09 we had a brilliant and inspiring meeting in Utrecht with a great new idea for Thanks, Carl!

Minutes of Meeting 23 Mar 09 in Amsterdam.

If you want to contribute, milliongenerations currently needs

- Contributors who share and advance the purpose of Million Generations, who pose or answer questions or otherwise reflect on the assumption

- A charter for the foundation

- Discussions and ideas about the environment that would be more suited to the purpose, i.e. about how the site should be organized

- Ways to realize and implement the desired environment

- Funds and ideas on ways to raise funds

- Better ways to explain and communicate the questions and purpose

- A public relations strategy and ways to communicate the existence of and encourage meaningful contributions.

- Links to Related topics or similar purpose

- A function for notes, references and external links such as the one used in wikipedia articles