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million generations


milliongenerations.org hopes to engage you to think about the conditions required for civilization to exist on the earth while the sun provides a suitable environment. As far as we know that would allow for many millions of human generations.

Perspectives on the survival of civilization on this planet for even a few hundred or thousand more years tend to be pessimistic. History provides plenty of examples of collapsed civilizations and we have consumed most easily accessible resources.

milliongenerations.org invites everyone interested to think out of the box and look from a different perspective. To leave pressing issues such as climate change, resources, inequality, and conflicts for what they are for a while and to focus here exclusively on the constraints placed by the assumption that civilization(s) continue for millions of generations. If in this process some of us can come up with viable visions or inspiring ideas, we may hope for beneficial feedback to current affairs. As various organizations dedicated to influencing the here and now in one way or another already exist, the focus of milliongenerations.org should firmly remain in the long term, no matter how (or if) we believe it can or should be reached.

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In the long run we are all dead, as was famously observed by John Maynard Keynes. Pushing this perspective for civilization out to reasons beyond our control warrants a sincere effort. Even if we fail, we may better understand the gift we have. And we may yet be standing in a line that continues for millions of generations with individuals who realize life is wonderful.